Saturday, June 24, 2006

Saturday Dinner at the Mansfield's

Baked pork chops (seasoned with Italian bread crumbs)
Lima beans (seasoned with bacon)
Squash and onion (cooked in a skillet until almost carmalized, seasoned with salt, pepper, and a tad of sugar)
Jiffy cornbread muffins

Mmm, Mmm, good!


R. Mansfield said...

Oh, you left out that the lima beans were seasoned with Rick's Famous Cajun Spice.

Wonderful dinner all around, my love.

The Maxwell House said...

Hmmm - what a great dinner!

Hey - this is Amy Maxwell!! I have been reading through your blogs and I am ELATED that the Lord is opening a door for adopting a precious little girl! We just adopted a little under two years ago!

It is good to see what you and Rick are up to!

Much love, to you dear friend!!!

Kathy Mansfield said...

Hi Amy!
It's good to hear from you. Congratulations on your adoption. Did you do domestic or international adoption? Where are you guys living now?

Talk to you soon,

Michele said...

Yummy! When can I come to eat at the Mansfield home. I'd even eat purple hull peas. Of course, Rick's seasonings are great on just about anything!

R. Mansfield said...

But not on ice cream.

Countdown to Elianna!