Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Remembering Clark (1952-2012)

At Christmastime each year,
My brother handed out large bags
Filled with odds and ends—
All labeled with one tag.

Clark didn’t wrap the gifts—
He piled them all together,
And stretched the limits of the bags
All tied with ribbon tethers.

But every item in those bags
Was chosen with much care.
Each gift connected to the one
Who reached in to see its wares.

Sometimes the gifts were odd,
Sometimes they brought a tear,
Sometimes they were just right
And brought grins from ear to ear.

Like Santa with his sack of toys,
Clark brought joy with bags of gifts,
And this Christmastime without him
He’ll be loved and dearly missed.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

I Won!

I won on Wheel of Fortune! What an incredible experience to meet Pat Sajak and Vanna White and fellow contestants from around the country. My final prize totals included a trip to Panama, a $1000 gift card for Omaha Steaks, and $16,000 cash! 

Read blog posts on the Wheel of Fortune website about my adventure. 

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