Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bunny Cake

Rick's Mom is famous for her "bunny cake" at Easter time. The last time we actually had any of the cake was Easter, 1991, back when we lived in Louisiana. This year, we were invited to have Easter dinner with some friends. When we were discussing meal plans, Rick announced, "Kathy can make a bunny cake!" Well, as most of my friends know, I'm not much of a baker. So, I was quite intimidated about the whole bunny cake idea, not to mention that the day before Easter was crazy with activity. I ended up baking the cakes (it takes 2 round cakes) at midnight for the next day. I must say, I was quite proud of the results. I've included a picture of the 1991 bunny cake that Rick's Mom made, along with a picture from Easter, 2008.

Countdown to Elianna!