Friday, June 17, 2011

Home Study Visit #4

Yesterday we had our 4th Home Study visit in our journey to adopting Elianna from China. Jamie was very kind and spent nearly two hours with us going over information, asking us questions, and answering our questions. Home study visits always make me nervous. I want the house to look neat and tidy. I want Bessie to be on her best behavior. I want the neighbors to act normal. I want the air conditioner to work. I want Rick not to say the wrong thing while attempting to be humorous (ask me sometime about his "concubine" comment with the home study office). All of the above happened last night, so that's good.

What I wasn't expecting was:
- being asked to press the button on the smoke detector to see if it beeped in order to show that it had good batteries in it (it did)
- Jamie opening the "first aid" drawer in one of our bathrooms to verify that first aid items were stored there (there were)

We still have to submit the completed home study report, along with our letters requesting extensions on our immigration paperwork and fingerprint renewals, before the first week of July. Tight turn-around since we will be out of state all next week. But, Jamie is taking good care of us, so I know we'll meet our deadline. It's simply nerve-wracking, though, until the paperwork actually arrives at the federal offices and we get our confirmations.

Countdown to Elianna!