Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mrs. Mansfield Goes to Frankfort!

KY State Capital Annex
February 22, 2011

Experiencing my first bill review at the Kentucky House of Representatives. I'm listening to discussion of bills up for consideration that relate to education. One of the bills concerns textbooks, so I'm here in case the legislators have questions about that particular bill. I'm sitting with Robin Chandler, a KDE Policy Advisor, Kevin Brown, KDE Legal Counsel and Associate Commissioner, and Rick, supportive husband extraordinaire (who is spending his time at the meeting reading his Kindle).

Listening to students share their bullying experiences in Kentucky schools -- all related to sexual orientation. A bill amendment is proposed to include consequences for bullying on school grounds even when school is not in session and at school-sponsored events.
This is only the second bill, and it has had lots of discussion. May not get to the textbook bill today.

Interesting to see legislators explain their votes before casting them. Also interesting to know that some might change their vote during full session.

I think the legislative process is the way to get your voice heard. The legislators have a lot of power, and I like the fact that even though some of the bills on the agenda won't be covered today (including my bill), the legislators have discussed at length and debated and played "devil's advocate" on the issue under consideration.

I'm glad to see current and former educators serving on the House Education Committee. They are able to provide valuable insight to the conversations.

Ten minutes left! Will the textbook bill make it to discussion before the 2:00 end time? Oh, the pressure!

We're on!

Well! The bill passed the committee even though I recommended that it not! I'm SO disappointed! And I think my nervousness showed. My colleagues and Rick said I did just fine, though.

One more new adventure afforded me by the Kentucky Department of Education!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Somehow I just have to think that justice was served when a man attending/promoting cockfights died from a wound he received from one of the birds that was armed with a blade.

Countdown to Elianna!