Sunday, June 18, 2006

Gamer chick?

My husband and I attended the World Series Video Gaming competition in Louisville this past weekend. Despite the fact that I was the oldest female in the entire place (except for a few moms of teenagers), I enjoyed myself. As I climbed into a really cool racing car hooked up to a computer and large screen monitor for my contribution to the sport of video gaming, an assistant commented that I was the first female all day long to race. The look in his eyes gave away his unspoken comment that I was also the oldest contestant he'd seen as he graciously held my elbow while I tried to squeeze into the way too tiny driver's compartment. He suggested I might want to keep my shoes on in spite of the fact that all the other racers had removed theirs. Since the other racers before me were stinky-footed teenage boys, I was happy to comply. I knew I was out of my league when about half way through the race the assistant walked over and asked, "You did know that the object is to go as fast as possible, didn't you?" I, of course, was just trying to stay on the race track, which I managed to do by slowing to 20 mph on each curve. I didn't come in first place, but I was proud of myself nonetheless. I can now say that I was a World Series Video Gaming contestant. Not too shabby for a graying 39 year old!

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