Sunday, August 15, 2010

Confessions of a Tourettic Mind

When I think about my friend Brian, I think about my early college years hanging out at the Baptist Student Union, double dating to see Journey in concert in Shreveport, spur of the moment camping, and laughing with someone who is wonderfully down to earth. In the pictures you see here, Brian is the one with red hair, a beard and a huge smile. One of the pictures is from that spur of the moment camping trip; the other is from a cookout at my parents' house in Louisiana before the big State Fair LA Tech vs. NLU game.

What doesn't come to mind when I think of Brian is Tourette's Syndrome. Because the group I hung out with never thought of Brian in terms of Tourette's, I naively assumed others didn't either. Unfortunately, Brian has encountered many, many folks throughout his life who have defined him and others by tics and shouts rather than by what's in their hearts.

Brian has begun a blog to express some of the frustrations he has experienced over the years dealing with others' reactions to his Tourette's. The blog is truthful, brutal, and eye-opening. If you have experienced Tourette's yourself or through a friend or family member, read Brian's blog.

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