Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Empty Arms

I wrote the following poem 8 years ago following two years of infertility treatments (fertility drugs, artifical inseminations, surgeries, etc.). I believe that God knew even back then that Elianna would become our little girl. I believe that NOW. Back then I just blamed God for ignoring my pleas. I'm so grateful for our little Elianna. She's not even born, and it will probably be another 15 months or so before I ever meet her, but I know that Elianna has already been chosen by God to be our daughter. I'm glad God didn't give up on me like I once gave up on him. I'm posting this poem to remind me that even though we go through deep, dark valleys in life, God does not ignore us. He has a plan in place and a time table we cannot always understand.

Empty arms that never hold
A babe wrapped warm against the cold

A lullaby that’s never sung
To comfort one so very young

A broken heart that never mends --
A Mom whose child God didn’t send.

Kathy Mansfield

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