Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm Batgirl

In my mind I'm Batgirl,
Fighting evil ways;
A cape and mask by night--
A librarian by day.

No one knows my secret;
I seem so mild and meek,
But once I don my suit,
It's criminals I seek.

By day I tell the children:
"Keep reading all those books!"
By night I prowl the streets
Looking for the crooks.

Why the secret life?
Why the nightly sprees?
It's the only way I know
To get my late book fees!


I heard the pastor say:
"God gave a parakeet--
To give us peace of mind
When we feel we have been beat."

I just don't understand
How a bird inside a cage
Can give me peace of mind
And turn my heart from rage.

My husband said: "Oh, no,
The word is paraclete."
So, now it's running shoes?
I get peace from my feet?

I think that they are both wrong,
I know my Bible reads,
"God gave a Counselor
To help us with our needs."

Monday, March 16, 2009


It's happening again--
Announcements all around:
"A baby's on the way!"
And then showers will abound.

It's happening again--
The questions naturally come:
"When's YOUR baby due?"
And I'm left feeling numb.

It's happening again--
Paperwork to renew:
Fingerprints, Home Studies,
And more money that is due.

It's happening again--
Depression, tears, and grief,
A longing for a child,
A pain beyond belief.

It's happening again--
Doubt invades my soul.
Are we doing what God wants
Or digging endless holes?


I gave up Cokes for Lent
To avoid a sugar high,
But two weeks into it,
I'm starting to wonder why!

The pounds aren't melting off.
I crave my sweet caffeine.
And in a time of stress,
I turn really, really mean.

I guess the purpose was
To turn to God instead.
Instead of guzzling Cokes,
By Him should I be fed.

This sacrifice for me
Has one goal--one intent:
Trade a craving for God's word;
That's the reason I do Lent.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Third Times the Charm?

For the third time in almost three years, we are updating our fingerprints for our China adoption. Hopefully this time will see us through to the end!

Countdown to Elianna!