Monday, May 28, 2007

The Almost Best Memorial Day Weekend Ever!

Four really cool things happened this weekend, and had it not been for Rick being really, really sick, this would have been the best Memorial Day weekend ever!

Cool Thing #1: Matt Garner had his first official Sunday at our church as the Minister of Music. Matt and his wife, Paula, are long-time friends, and Matt joined our church staff this past Monday.

Cool Thing #2: The Lowe family (Cindy, J., and girls Hayley, Jessie, and Lyla) gave us 6 bags FILLED with little girl clothes! I can't wait to look at Elianna's new things. The Lowe family had already given us TONS of beautiful clothes this past year. Elianna will definitely not want for clothing.

Cool Thing #3: I ran into a woman in the parking lot at Wal-Mart who was with a Chinese baby. I walked up and said that we were waiting for our little girl in China. She introduced me to her little girl (11 months old), and said they brought her home two months ago. That short, simple encounter might not seem like much, but when you are facing a year and a half wait to meet your little girl, it's just the shot of reassurance needed!

Cool Thing #4: I was visiting the home of some friends for a cook-out when the host asked what size shoe I wore. He had noticed my Converse high-tops (light blue with colorful flowers all over them) that I was wearing. I told him, and he asked his daughter to go get the shoes from the garage. Out she came with two practically brand new pairs of Converse high-tops and offered them to me! They were the right size and were colors I don't already have. (I had 4 pair at home). Turns out that they bought the shoes in the wrong size, and no one in the family could wear them! Whoo-Hoo!

Friday, May 18, 2007

LID Celebration

Rick and I celebrated our LID (Log In Date) with the Breeding family at Jade Palace in Louisville. It was our first visit (Rick and me) to a dim sum bar. Carla, Caroline, and Carissa taught us how to order. Everyone chooses from a large variety of different dishes. The food arrives in small to medium quantities and is placed on the table for everyone to sample. The dishes arrived in a particular order, but I don't know why certain foods arrived at certain times. We all tried new things, including a Breeding family favorite -- egg custards!

Countdown to Elianna!