Friday, December 22, 2006

Elianna's Shelf

Our nine month "Paper Pregnancy" is almost over. Most folks take about 5 or 6 months to get their paperwork completed for a Chinese adoption. Our ordeal has turned into a nine month process. The nine months will actually be over at the end of February. That's when our dossier will hopefully be completed, authenticated, and sent on its way to China. Then we have about a year and a half of waiting before we actually travel to China to get Elianna.

All that has not stopped us and our family and friends from welcoming the new baby with gifts galore, even now. In this post you will see pictures of Elianna's book shelf (she has approximately 20 books already). Also on the shelf are a couple of back packs, two dolls, and a cute little pair of black patent leather shoes. She also has enough clothes to fill two rubbermaid storage containers (given to us by friends with three little girls from China) and two bags of essentials from my boss who has two little girls from China.

Two of the photos are of a doll my Mom ordered for Elianna. The doll looks and feels like a real baby. It's hard to believe that we still have almost two years to go before Elianna gets to enjoy her new things, but we're certainly having fun collecting them all! We're planning a book character-themed nursery, with Curious George as the featured book character. We already have a Curious George-themed guest bathroom with CG border, pictures, and accessories, so a Curious George nursery won't be that much of a stretch! Other characters will be prominent as well, including The Cat in the Hat, Madeline, and Pooh. We've even started a baby registry at The link is:

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