Sunday, December 10, 2006

Elianna Update #9

In Elianna Update #8, I mentioned that our final Home Study visit would be last week. We had to reschedule, and we just completed that final Home Study visit today (Sunday, December 10)! Now we wait for the report to be completed and approved by our adoption agency. We have a couple of other items to send to the adoption agency for our dossier to be complete, then we begin waiting for everything to get sent to China (DTC -- "Dossier To China"), and then we wait for our LID ("Log In Date"). The next long wait is for a referral for Elianna. Right now that is taking an average of 14 months after LID.

I've included a picture in this post of our social worker, Amber, sitting with me in our living room and a picture of Amber with Bessie. Bessie immediately fell in love with Amber, by the way. The other picture is of our family all smiles after the Home Study visit. Amber was gracious enough to take a picture to commemorate the occasion!

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Wayne Leman said...

I hope Bessie will be just as accepting of Elianna as she was of Amber.


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