Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mom Prepares for Elianna's Arrival

Mom is very excited about becoming a grandma! She asked me when we arrived at her house last week if I was okay giving up my room (the room that was mine all through high school). When I hesitated, she continued to tell me her plans to get the room ready for Elianna. Now mind you, with current wait times for Chinese adoption, we will probably not bring Elianna home for almost two years. That hasn't dampened Mom's enthusiasm one bit. Here you will see pictures of Elianna's stroller and big girl bedspread (on MY bed!). Mom also already has a baby bed and a high chair ready to be used. I'm really glad Mom is so excited. I'm beyond excited, but it sure is hard waiting so long.

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Carolin said...

Oh Kathy, that is beyond sweet! I know within reason that had to have melted your heart!!!

Countdown to Elianna!