Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Librarian's Day

October 16 was Librarian's Day, and I didn't even know it until I received emails and cards wishing me a happy day! Below are some of the well-wishes included in homemade cards from some of my students.

Dear Mrs. Mansfield,
How was your break? Well you know what mine was horrible. How was Librarian's Day? It sure does sound good.
P.S. Your a great librarian.

Dear Mrs. Mansfield,
Thank you for being so nice to use. Thank you for being so kind to us when we misbehave. I like you as a librain and I hope you can stay one!

Dear Mrs. Mansfield
You keep us safe from falling back in are chair and busting are head and having to go hostpitle. Thank you for letting us check out so many books.

Happy Librarian's day!! You go Girl. Thank you Ms. Mansfield for running the library. That is a big responcible job you now. You sould be prowd for what you dun over the years. Agan thank you.

Dear Mrs. Mansfield,
Thank you for running the library because if you weren't hear the school would not know how to use the library. Thank you for keeping the library up like putting the books up where they go. Thank you for all that you do. Happy Librarian's Day.

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Michele said...

By the looks of those letters, I'm not sure what you be learning those kids in the country. Happy belated librarian's day.

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