Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Midnight Movie at 43?

I've been going to midnight movie premieres for a very long time. But, I tell you what, once I hit 40 years old, I started rethinking that whole idea! For some reason, I continue to push myself to be one of the first to see the latest movies. I just HAD to see the latest in the Twilight Saga last night. Of course, now I'm smarter with age -- I've learned to at least take the next day off from work.

The pictures here are Erin, Matt, Rick, and me at the 12:41 a.m. showing of "Eclipse" at Tinseltown in Louisville. There were at least a few more folks our age at this one than at the midnight showings of the first two Twilight movies, but the majority of attenders were still teenage girls.

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