Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Prayer Life?

I prayed to God each day;
I asked for many things:
"Bless my home, my job, my kids,
And help us live like kings."

I asked for help with money.
I asked for pain-free life.
I asked that as I go along
I never would see strife.

Then one day it hit me --
God has never said,
"Life is all carefree
And never filled with dread."

Instead the Bible says
That trials and grief will come,
And through those times we learn
All that God has truly done.

He gives me what I need
To tackle every foe;
He provides me strength and grace
To help me as I grow.

Now my prayers have changed --
Instead of "Give to me,"
I thank the Lord for life
And whatever it may bring.

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