Thursday, May 21, 2009

Adoption Update

The CCAA (China Center for Adoption Affairs) has updated their website to reflect that dossiers logged-in through April 30, 2007 have been through the review process.

What does that mean? Well, it doesn't mean that anything has sped up in the process, but it does mean that our dossier has moved from the "Reviewing Room" to the "Matching Room." We were logged-in April 16, 2007. Since dossiers logged-in through April 30, 2007, are through with the review process, that includes us!

How long will we be in the "Matching Room?" No one knows for sure. It could be up to three years or more. Rick is always optimistic that the process will speed up, though.

In the "Review Room" is where dossiers are translated from English to Chinese and reviewed by China adoption workers. All the recommendation letters, doctor reports, financial info, and other details about our life are looked at for any discrepancies. If everything is in order, then the dossier moves to the "Matching Room." This is the place where China adoption workers match couples to children. Lots of variables go into this part of the process, and wait times are very hard to predict. Our friends who were logged-in 9 months before us aren't even close to a referral . . .

I'm just glad we've moved one step closer to Elianna.


Rebecca said...

Hi, Kathy. You don't know me, but I enjoy following your and Rick's blogs. I just wanted to offer some words of encouragement. After waiting for three years, my cousin came home from China last week with their daughter. I know the waiting can't be easy, but I thought you might find some words of encouragement in my cousin's blog -

Good luck to you!


Carolin said...

Each day brings you one day closer. I know the wait is hard, well - beyond hard, but believe me I understand. Your time is coming though Kathy and you will have a little one to hold near and dear.

Keep the faith my friend, keep the faith!

Countdown to Elianna!