Sunday, May 11, 2008

Another Mother's Day Spent Waiting

Just over a year ago we were logged into the China database for adoption. At that time referral wait times were approximately 17 months from log in date. That would have meant traveling to pick up our Elianna in Fall, 2008. Since our log in date, wait times have increased dramatically. The earliest possible date right now to get a referral for Elianna is Summer, 2010, and traveling to China to pick her up in Fall, 2010. That's being on the generous side. Many believe the wait times will keep increasing. I pray everyday that those folks are wrong.

I turned 41 years old last month. Rick and I were married 18 years ago. We've battled infertility for 14 years. We started our process of adoption in 2006, when wait times were just over a year for a baby. I never dreamed that our new route to a baby would end up as another frustrating, long process.

So, once again, I skipped the Mother's Day service at church. Once again, I packed away some of Elianna's baby items so we can use the storage space for more immediate needs. Once again I updated my blog with news of longer wait times.

I'm tired of "once agains."


Carolin said...

Kathy - My heart goes out to you and the pain you are enduring. I wish I knew the "magic words" to tell you, but I don't. Just know there are people who do care about you.

Wayne Leman said...

Kathy, I've been wondering how your wait has been going. Has the recent earthquake and the large number of orphans created by it changed the adoption picture any?

Kathy Mansfield said...

The earthquake has certainly created more orphans, but it has also created more childless couples, too. According to the Hague Convention guidelines for international adoption, countries must attempt domestic adoption options before providing international adoptions. Makes sense, but quite frustrating to those of us waiting.

Countdown to Elianna!