Sunday, June 24, 2007

17 Years and Counting . . .

June 23 was our 17th wedding anniversary. Rick and I celebrated by going to one of our favorite get-away locations: Bardstown, Kentucky. Our regular bed-and-breakfast of choice (Beautiful Dreamer) was booked up, so we tried a new one: A Rosemark Haven. Rick and I couldn't decide if it sounded more like a scary movie location or an insane asylum! It turned out to be neither, although the owner told us about the upstairs room that was roped off being the children's playroom back in the 1800s. We just knew that a little red ball was going to come bouncing down the curving staircase during the night and scare us out of our wits.

We had a fabulous weekend that included an historic carriage ride tour of the city, a romantic dinner, and a morning of browsing in local shops. Our schedules don't allow us to go away too often, so this was a much needed treat!

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