Sunday, January 14, 2007

Spoiled? Probably. Brilliant? Definitely!

Our Basset Hound, Bessie Mae, is incredibly smart. Just today, for instance, she demonstrated her keen ability to outwit our house guest, Danny. Rick and I both warned Danny not to leave anything resembling food anywhere that Bessie could find. I also suggested he zip up his suitcase since Bessie has a fondness for just-packed socks. Upon returning from church today, I noticed immediately several torn scraps of plastic wrap scattered around the living room floor. I announced loudly, "Someone left food out!" Well, lo and behold, food was not actually left out in the open. Our brilliant basset used her impressive intellectual and olfactory abilities to locate a package of peanut butter crackers tucked "safely" away in a zipped up backpack of Danny's. Not only did our genius dog figure out that Danny had hidden peanut butter crackers just for her, she figured out which of the 4 zipped up compartments in the backpack contained the treat, and she worked diligently (as evidenced by the slobber on the backpack) to UNZIP the one and only section of the backpack containing the crackers.

Rick and I were quite proud. Bessie was generously rewarded with ear scratches and belly rubs. Danny, however, was scolded for tempting our beloved dog.

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