Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Elianna Update #7

Our paperwork is almost complete! Rick's passport arrived in the mail yesterday. Mine should be here soon. Our employer letters are completed and notarized, our bank statement forms were signed by bank officials last week, and Rick's physical was done. We're waiting on Rick's final test results and my passport. Then our final home study visit will be conducted. Once the home study is complete, we'll be able to get our dossier finalized. The dossier will have to be authenticated, then it will be sent to China to wait to be logged in. If things go as planned, we'll expect a referral for Elianna sometime in Summer, 2008.

One roadblock: I have to redo my physical because it will expire before our dossier can be sent to China. We'll be cutting things close with our criminal background checks. Physicals and background checks expire after 6 months. Ours were done in June and July.

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