Saturday, May 20, 2006

"Life's Scars"

If ever someone has been broken and fixed
I think it would be I.
And lo, and behold, I figured out
The answer to my “Why?”

Sometimes God must let us fall
And feel Life’s harshest wrath,
Only then can we arise
To walk straighter on His path.

To others I might seem to be
Someone whose life is marred,
But God sees me as clean and new,
Not as someone scarred.

by Kathy Mansfield
© 2005


laureljc said...

Kathy...this poem is beautiful. I am SO amazed at the way that God continually and unexpectedly morphs our most horrible life experiences into beautiful life lessons that we can share with others. Thanks for sharing yours!


Al Johnson said...

Kathy, I still feel scarred. I wish I could just make that feeling go away by mental willpower or great spiritual faith. But I've also discovered the relational truth of 2 Cor. 1:4 and have been able to help others who are also scarred.

Thanks for posting your lovely poem, even though it grows out of sadness.

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